Terurinsai salutes Okinawa music legend

Terurinsai invites everyone to join the dance and merrymaking.

An eight-hour concert paying homage to one of Okinawa’s greatest musicians is coming up April 13th in Okinawa City.

Over two dozen entertainers and groups are scheduled to perform at the eight-hour-long event.

This marks the sixth festival in the honor of Rinsuke Teruya who died in 2005.  The Sunday concert, which is free, takes place 1 p.m. ~ 9 pm. on Chuo Park Avenue. Both free and toll parking lots are available in the venue vicinity.  Public transportation is available, with the Goya Bus Stop nearest to Chuo Park Avenue.

The annual concert honors the man who stirred Okinawan entertainment after World War II, and became the icon of Okinawan pop culture.  More than two dozen performers are slated to be on stage during the afternoon and evening concert. Rinsuke Teruya was one of the pioneers of Okinawan popular music, and the concerts are held in Okinawa City, the traditional center of Okinawan entertainment and musical scene.

“Koza Terurin Festival” is an event by and for people who love the songs and entertainment of Okinawa. The performing artists and musicians take on stage to announce their pride in Okinawan music and entertainment in front of people who love Okinawa.

21:34 20 Jul , 2024