Three vehicles burn same night in Chatan

Sometime on small hours of Apr. 18 three vehicles caught fire in Miyagi, Chatan.

One of the cars, a Y-plate vehicle owned by U.S. serviceman, was on a parking lot between a restaurant and a three-story apartment building. The vehicle was completely destroyed.

Another was a rental car on a hotel parking lot and its dashboard was burnt. The third one was on a condominium parking lot some 70 meters away and the fire burned its trunk.

According to Okinawa Police, no one was injured.

Chatan Fire Department said that they were alerted about a car that was on fire around 3:15 a.m., and the fire was next to a gas cylinder.  About 20 minutes later there was another call from a passer-by reporting another car on fire. The scene was at a housing area near the shore.

73-year-old Tokuhira Sunagawa said, “If the fire caught those gas cylinders, it would have been a great disaster.”

The American owner of the Y-plate vehicle said that ne was not aware of anything unusual. “I was asleep and did not notice.” A 32-year-old woman, who’s a resident of the condo commented, “My car was next to the one that was on fire. Two years ago there was also a suspected case of arson, and that is very frightening.”

Police continues to investigate the cause of the fires.

13:04 13 Jun , 2024