Truck driver killed in heavy machinery mishap

A power shovel fell on a 2-ton truck at a material storage site in Kanekadan, Uruma City, Apr. 18, pinning the driver of the truck inside the vehicle.

It took one hour for the fire department rescue team to get 42-year-old driver, Kiyotaka Ishikawa, out of the crushed cabin of the truck. He was taken to a hospital in a cardiopulmonary arrest. Attempts to revive him were not successful and he was pronounced dead about an hour and half later.

According to police, a 20-year-old man was operating the power shovel on a slope, loading gravel on the truck when it lost balance and fell backward. The arm of the machine hit directly the drivers’ side of the truck and crushed the cabin.

12:12 28 Feb , 2024