American held for robbery of currency exchange center

Okinawa City Police arrested 42-year-old American Tyrone Davis, a resident of Yomitan, Monday, on suspicion of robbing a currency exchange center in Chatan last March.

The exchange center was robbed at knifepoint, and the robber got away with ¥800,000 and $9,600 in cash. No one was injured during the robbery and the sole employee in the shop described the robber as someone “who looked like a foreigner.”

Okinawa City Police say Davis has admitted to all charges. Okinawa Police say there is a possibility he had an accomplice, and are continuing investigation into details of the robbery.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    why y’all Okis gotta be harassing Tyrone? he dint do nuffins. T jussa spirin rapper tryin to turn his life around an sheeut…..

  • Jim Anderson

    hope they torture him

06:02 15 Jul , 2024