May 1 ~ 7


If you have talked about your friend’s love affair, you can expect hear whether you got it right. Your love life is sweet, and it’s best to stick with it. Be careful what you say at your work now in order to avoid completely unnecessary criticism. Take care of your health and exercise, but indulge in a little rest, too. Monaywise, you should have a good week ahead.


Be ready to enjoy the beautiful times ahead waiting for you. An invitation to a friend’s party could be in the cards, so go and have a pleasant time. Just now you seem to be well liked by your friends, but some new contacts you made at work could turn out to be tiresome. However, they seem to be good for your job so you’ll have to put up with them. Avoid gambling.


Animals and children seem to get you in extra good mood. But there’s little chance for a successful romance, so better be by yourself this weekend. Your work seems to inspire others at your work, and you are especially adept to help them get started. A little extra money seems to find its way to you, so enjoy. This could be your lucky weekend at lottery or slots.


Someone seems to make a survey that you should respond to. It could relate to your well-being at work. You seem to thrive and your health is good. You seem to be very helpful to colleagues who appreciate it. You might get plenty of extra money and someone close to you could ask you to lend some, but do not forget that it’s always a good idea to have a receipt.


It would be great to find love but even friendship seems to give you a nice peace of mind. So try to enjoy the company of as many friends as possible this weekend. Freshness should dominate everything you do, and your work should be easy to accomplish. Almost everything seems to cost a little too much for your finances, so try to save as much as you can.


You can expect to find love this weekend, and young children will show you affection, too. An award of some kind may be on its way. Do not let anyone else take over your job. Ideas about changes at work could probably be fine, but decide for yourself how they should be implemented. Take care of your own ideas and you could probably increase your income.


You should rest and also treat yourself to in a rural festive environment. Romance should flourish so you should take advantage of the chance. Your health should be good, despite busy routine work. You should start to keep better track of your money? You should think carefully before deciding to buy something. If you decide to gamble, be cautious when you bet.


If you’re looking for a romance, it’s best to just be yourself. Pretending does not get you anywhere. At work you should not hesitate to say your opinion. You actually have good ideas so dare to speak up. Something that has to do with gambling could now bring you extra money. But the choice is yours regarding the game. Just remember, small could also be beautiful.


Be careful with whatever you do with love, because it could very easily cause quite unnecessarily trouble. It’s best to stick with what you know and not to try to change anything. You can expect some hard times ahead at your work. But at the end it’ll turn out good for you. There could be a nice offer coming to your way, although probably not something that you will stick with.


New romance is probably not in the stars for you right now. Instead, you should be happy with what you have and spend time and effort to nurture it. There may be little time to keep up with all the work you’re required to accomplish. Maybe you should suggest that you get some temporary help. But because of your good health you can overcome this hurdle.


Are you planning a trip to try your hand at fishing? If so, you will probably be envied by many. Life could be sweet and romantic for you now. If you want to try again for a new love there’s a chance right now. You may want to give costly gifts, but you can take comfort in that they are truly appreciated. Your finances seem to be comfortable, but you should still save.


Your love life probably could feel a little empty just now. But soon, new and delightful romance will appear, just take it easy and love becomes yours. You should be able to get high rewards for your work. You are performing really good and with solid results. That is inspiring those around you, too. You may need to invest some money in your home a little later.

10:21 23 Jun , 2024