May 15 ~ 21


Just now almost all compete for your friendship. As you are a happy go lucky person, this is love on a comfortable and safe level. There will be talk of money problems in your workplace, and some things may feel negative to you, but as it’s temporary, just be careful. You should avoid making costly purchases this weekend, and avoid over-confidence.


You can expect to hear some positive news from a friend that would make you very happy. Someone is steering you to a new direction in your life that you should not resist, as the end result would be rewarding. But you should try to have some self-control. Think carefully before you change anything at your work. A colleague has the best solutions to your problems.


It would not be wrong to go on our own and be innovative, but think twice before you try to rekindle an old flame. The stars are not positive for you to have a romance in general, and you should probably concentrate on your work. Everything seems to cost a lot more than you thought in the beginning, so it’s wise to be frugal this week.


You can’t correct issues of love just now. Instead, buy yourself something nice to enjoy. If you want to take a trip, it would be a good idea, but the right destination would be a bigger city. This is also the right time to suggest changes in your working routine. You project a very positive aura just now. Now you’ll be able to indulge a little, take time off and be lazy.


You seem to be popular with your friends now. This weekend you can expect sweet stimulating love. You are among those, who will have a good idea that will strengthen your self-esteem. You seem to be lucky enough now to be able to find exactly what suits you, and even money shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want to gamble, do it carefully and in small bets.


Children dominate your life this week. Their desire seems to be in your company right now. You should have a nice time together with everyone enjoying. Your love life is at its best and rarest level. Inspiration should be your best friend now, and it should solve problems you’ve had and end with a great success. But whatever happens, do not daydream.


You can appear to be so pleasantly happy and loving that everyone wants to seek you company, so actually, this should be a good week. Certainly you are commended for your work. If you get invited to a party, absolutely go. You may want to buy some new clothes, but do not buy too much. Gambling does not seem to be your thing this week, so don’t push your luck.


The beginning of the weekend seems to be the best but towards the beginning of the next week, however, you should be a little more careful, especially concerning romance and love. Changes at work do not seem to give you much new right now, but won’t be all that bad, either. Be careful with your health. Here it may be best to let routines prevail.


Here you go again, a weekend with sweet romance. Now you can win the heart you crave, and it’s because you believe in just yourself. The stars say you have an appointment with Amor himself. Training more in your job would be only good for you, and you could take advantage of the knowledge in a positive way. Here you could get a little surprise.


Sure, you have it good, but a thought keeps creeping inside your head saying you could have it even better in your love life. But it’s best to take it easy and not to change anything. Let others take the initiative in your work now. It would be the best for you not to make any changes. Try to rest and relax, you’re worth it. Money is nice to have and you could be lucky with slots.


An old friend would like to hear from you. It might have something to do with your school days but it should be good news. There could happen at your work that irritates you, so make sure you are alert and awake. Also, try to understand your friend’s nagging. Remember your old lucky numbers as with them you could have the best chance to win.


If you now have an opportunity to travel and get into a different environment, you could find happiness, and even an earth-shattering romance would not be out of question. Pay attention to the media this weekend as there is a useful hint for you. Light physical exercise would get your fitness in balance. Pay especial attention to your finances next week.

04:43 15 Jul , 2024