May 22 ~ 28


This is just the right time for romance and good communication. Your natural attractiveness and right words are your advantages. So maybe, on the level of passion and desire, you should ask for what you really want. At least the planets are aligned just right. Give yourself time to think, and you could find many answers that have so far escaped you.


Activities at home are getting more intensive this weekend. You can expect your financial situation to improve, and that affects directly your future plans. You will be able to advance many things that you have had to put on the back burner before. Be ready to accept advice, and allow your friends to give you a helping hand whenever there’s any trouble.


Love is in the air, so you should make the best of this weekend filled with romantic vibes. Show your appreciation to those close to you. But do not fail to pay attention to your money. Approaching vacation or planning an important event concerning your family is going to bring excitement and new dimensions to your everyday routines.


You have now a chance to advance something that has stalled for a long time, possibly because of lack of time or interest. Your creativity is coming to the forefront both at home and work. Intimate discussions with your partner over the weekend concentrate on planning the future. You can also expect to hear some good news that you have long waited for.


Your mind is at its sharpest because of the strong influence of planet Jupiter, and that shows in many aspects. What ever you decide to do, remember to take care of your health, and pay special attention to your diet. Having a regular daily routine is important. You can also expect your social life to pick up, and there could well be a romantic angle to that.


Looking for answers from within yourself is still a useful tool for you. The most important point is that you understand what you really want before asking. Some more serious aspects of your life are going to come into focus. Although your health and money could be intertwined, you should not pinch pennies. What could be more important than your well being.


A creative period in your life is continuing, so you should continue with your ambitious plans. Music and books could bring you joy and satisfaction, and when your mind is at peace, your love life gets a new shot of energy. Maybe you are planning for a romantic holiday trip with your partner. If so, make sure you use the power of your imagination to the fullest.


Your ambition comes to the forefront especially at work. Feel free to tell others about your ideas, and don’t be afraid to bring up your thoughts aloud. You know when you’re right, and it’s only a matter of convincing others. Even if you’d feel somehow spiritually vulnerable, listen to your inner voice. Denying your feelings is a sure way to frustration and despair.


Travel and romance is what you can expect this weekend. If you can combine the two, that much better, as that could really become something to remember and cherish the rest of your life. Those who already have found their soul mate would see the relationship grow deeper, and those still looking for are in the right mood to find what they want.


You can expect to hear something that is almost certain to change your perception. Maybe some kind of proposal or suggestion from a friend that makes you happy. Money and health require your attention. Many events that spring up seemingly spontaneously could bring you many new opportunities, chances and pathways to happiness.


You are at your most attractive this week, and a willingness to experiment and try new things on a spur of the moment reflect everything you decide to do. Because of your active imagination people enjoy your company. Do not hesitate to throw yourself, and with passion, on arms of love as love is now touching every single aspect of your daily life.


Certain restlessness is troubling your thoughts, and you should decide what would be the best target to your energies. Channeling it right would help you both at work and with your personal affairs. Try to notice as early as possible any trouble ahead you might have, especially at home or regarding your health matters. It would be better to nip those problems in the bud.

04:38 15 Jul , 2024