May 29 ~ Jun 4


Upcoming changes in you life circumstances require your immediate attention and action. There are people who seem to cause you trouble, and no matter how friendly you are towards them, does not make a difference. Maybe it’s the time for you to think more of yourself. Plan your schedule in a way that you are not available all the time.


Keep the reins tightly in your own hands this time. Although you’d like to take care of others, you should learn to let go sometimes. Your life would become much easier, if you act independently and with determination. Do not let other people influence your feelings so much, instead you should think more about yourself. In other words, stand up on your own.


There’s excitement and expectation in the air as your new project is getting up to speed. At the same time, that would mean busier social life and that, in turn, could cost more money, so be prepared. Your live life is on a positive curve, and you can expect many happy moments. Everyone seems to crave for your attention, so you must keep a positive attitude.


Now you should invest I your love life and balancing your budget. These two cold very well be quite connected. You are full of energy, and there’s nothing wrong with your health, so you are a very attractive as a potential partner. You should meet new people with open mind, and be ready to new and exciting experiences and adventures that could be just around the corner.


There’s a sudden need to take care of all unfinished business, especially anything that has to do with money, and this is just the right time to do that. In order for you to take on new possibilities you have to close all old doors behind you. ON the romantic front there should not be any problems as long as you don’t put pressure on your lover.


Something that made you change your mind last week seems to bother you still. You should think everything that you have accomplished, and especially what should be your new goals. Something exciting is going to happen concerning your love life this weekend that would make your eyes shine and change your walk into steps of a dance.


Try to inspire your imagination and thus bring some flame into your romance. Could there be a possibility that someone you met a few months ago would come into your life now? The future is anything but clear at the moment, but you should not worry about that. By the end of the week you are about to experience something that is a big and pleasant surprise to you.


You should trust in your experience and intuition. That would guarantee you your desired results. Even if you might hesitate at times, the road ahead of you seems to be clear. Be loyal to your beliefs, and you will have only much to win in the future. Your desire to win and succeed is going to get new energy from something that is going to happen over the weekend.


You possibly would like to make some changes to your environment in order to be ready for the summer season. You enjoy making your friends comfortable, and bringing joy to their lives. Others can also appreciate the time you dedicate to them. But there could be something concerning your love life that could give you a reason to wonder.


Some minor episodes that could happen over the next few days could make you alert, and now, once your curiosity has awakened, you have to decide which way to proceed. Once you have made up your mind there is not much that can make you to change the course. The good point is that most of your problems could be already past when you even notice them.


Why you haven’t started to work on you new ideas? Are you waiting for someone to show you green light? You should remember that procrastination could become expensive. Some small adjustments you have completed are sure to delight both you and those close to you. People are going to start appreciating your efforts, so don’t be too modest.


Working together with your team is what is needed to achieve your goals. Your social life could see a marked improvement if you put some effort to it this weekend. Your real progress would begin when you realize that you need the help of others, and going ahead by yourself only is futile. But, keep your feet firmly to the ground when the change comes.

13:03 14 Jul , 2024