Okinawans love radio

A Tokyo-based marketing research company conducting audience measurement for television and radio, Video Research Ltd., announced the results of a survey mapping the numbers of radio listeners according to prefecture, on May 16th.

According to the survey, the prefecture with most radio listeners is Okinawa, followed by Iwate, Yamagata and Nagano. This was the first time that this kind of survey was conducted, and it took place last October targeting 28,000 people. They were asked if they listen to the radio between 6 am to 12 midnight and each time zone was then averaged to create a “Radio Listening Rate”.

Okinawa, which was on the top, had an 11.5% average listening rate throughout the day among people ages 35~49. On weekdays starting 7 a.m. 21.3% of people in that age group said that they listened to radio, which was the highest rate.

13:48 14 Jul , 2024