Tambo Festival is a delight for children

As every mother knows, kids love mud, and there’s plenty of it at the Tampo Festival at Nature Mirai-kan in Kin, Sunday.

The Tambo Festival Saturday in Kin town is for everyone, but for kids, it is a ‘not to miss’ event.

Tambo means ‘rice paddy.’  “The community-sponsored festival is free, running 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m., but there are a number of events that have participation fees.  The Tambo Festival takes place at Nature Mirai-kan, a facility located in Kin. map: http://goo.gl/maps/XFJ65.

 Programs available Saturday include Playing inside paddy field ¥300 per person, and it is recommended for bring fresh change of clothes, towel, goggles. Showers are available for ¥200, Canoeing ¥500~¥1,000 with beginners welcome to participate, Banana boat rides ¥500 per person,  Shisa painting ¥500 per person, Photo frame making ¥500 per person.  Shima zouri (sandal) carving ¥1,000, and Handmade toy making ¥1,000 each.

09:41 18 Jul , 2024