8-year-old awamori to be sold with historic label

Okinawa Awamori Brewery Cooperative, an organization of all 47 awamori makers in Okinawa, announced the start of sales of a new product “Ryukyu Kikou.” The new awamori, aged eight years, goes on the market Friday.

The “kusu” awamori is sold in two variations, one having 30 percent alcohol content that sells for ¥2,500, and the other 35 percent selling for ¥2,800.

The label of this “kusu” depicts a poster used in the 1920s for advertising Ryukyu awamori. Ryukyu Kikou will be sold in supermarkets, retail stores and at Okinawa exhibitions held elsewhere in Japan. The target is to sell 10,000 bottles yearly.

07:47 17 Apr , 2024