And this week’s winner is…

This week’s lucky winner of the Japan Update raffle was Sheryl Appleface. Sheryl won a pair of tickets to the Ryukyu Philharmonic Orchestra Brass Quintet afternoon concert.

Sheryl is from Passaic, New Jersey, and has lived on Okinawa since September last year. She says that she’s hopeful that she and her family can stay on the island next five years before moving on.

Sheryl says that she really likes the island. “People and food here are great. As I love sushi, there could be no better place to stay as the fish is so fresh,” she enthuses. Her only wish is that the rainy season would end soon, and that’s a wish that is sure to come true in a few more days.

She is also impressed with the politeness of people here. “The best thing on Okinawa is that cars always wait for you when crossing the street. That’s something that I haven’t been used to,” she explains.

As for her near-time future plans, she would like to climb Mt. Fuji in mainland while staying in Japan. And regarding Japan Update, she likes the event schedules and our series of introducing local cities and towns.

To participate in Japan Update weekly raffle, just go to, and click on “Raffle Entry” where you can see the prize of the current raffle. Then sign up and good luck!

18:51 16 Apr , 2024