Cheers to “SUI Rail!”

An event called the “SUI SUI! Cheers to the Rail!” is scheduled to take place on July 18th. The Shuri Kuramoto Association is sponsoring the event.

The event features awamori, awamoti cocktails and food served onboard the monorail on an exclusive round trip from Shuri Station to Naha Airport and back. Tickets for the event cost ¥3,500 and include all drinks and food. The single train has a capacity of 54 revelers that is also the limit on the number of tickets available for the event.

The reception starts at 7:20 pm at Shuri Station and the monorail departs 20 minutes later at 7:40 pm. Tickets are available at awamori brewery Zuisen Shuzo, 1-35 Sakiyama, Shuri Naha City.  The brewery is located at  Their telephone number is 098-884-1968 (Japanese only).

10:31 05 Mar , 2024