Jun 5 ~ 11


You have worked hard to reach your goals, and it’s only natural to feel a bit tired from time to time. It’s never easy to find a balance between the past and future. However, it’s always better to look to the future. You should discuss with your more experienced friends openly to widen your perception and find out what really is important and worth of focusing.


There’s a small but powerful change in your attitude against a certain person, and that could cause mixed and feelings and confusion to you. In order to avoid any misunderstanding you have to ask the right questions. But don’t take anything or anyone for granted! You can learn much from your feelings as long as you are honest with yourself.


You could be offered a possibility for an important move in your life, but in order to take the maximum advantage on this opportunity, you have to act fast. Over the next few days you should concentrate on matters that are the most important in your life. Make plans for your holiday in time to ensure that everything goes smooth, and you are ready for the changes.


Because of your determination, the weekend is going to be a success, but try to avoid problematic situation, especially if they’re concerning your love life. This could require a little bit ability to read your partner’s thoughts, but you should have the experience. Take possible problems ahead seriously, as they could make things worse, when they should be getting better.


You could be in for surprisingly good news. Maybe there’s something that you have worried about, and it turns out it has been without merit. Now could be a good time to kick back and relax, before moving ahead. A romantic invitation could arrive this weekend, although the timing is off. However, you should make the most of it, as it’s something you have dreamed of.


Love and home life go very well hand in hand this weekend. You are able to organize everything that comes in front of you quite smoothly, as long as you take care of staying current with what’s going on. Try to avoid spending too much, even if an irresistible deal pops up, and you are sure that it would make a very strong statement and impression on someone special.


Meeting some old friends could surprisingly turn out to be the highlight of the weekend contrary to what you had expected. Maybe you had forgotten why you were attracted to them in the first place? It’s not often anyone can congratulate him of herself for the path they have chosen, but it seems that you have managed to make just the right choice.


Some people around you don’t seem to be very helpful with anything at the moment. You could even feel that there are some plans that even seem to go backwards. On the other hand, there’s very little you can do to prevent others from making their own mistakes. Luckily you can find peace at home to balance the frustration. Enjoy the company of your loved ones.


It could be attractive to indulge in splurging with your money this weekend, but is it really necessary? Giving your time and sympathy could be more than enough, and just what the patient needs. There someone who seems to have found a completely new attitude towards you, and that could well get some attention, but at the end, it has very little effect on anything.


A new fresh angle in a familiar situation could work very well, and you may find yourself wondering what made you so worried in the first place. You should find more self-confidence and trust on your own ability to take responsibility. There is someone who’s very jealous about you, but actually, does it matter at all? To you it should not.


This week you should concentrate on helping others and leave your own business on the back burner. It would be much better if the others admire and appreciate you than if they’d be green with envy. When you make decisions, remember that you can’t please everybody. Sensitive people take a little more time to adjust to changes happening around them.


You can’t expect everything to just drop on your lap form the heavens above, but you have to forge ahead as changes seem to be good for an eventual success. Try to show your more pleasant side to your colleagues at work. Although you can’t convince everyone with it, you will leave a positive impression on most. And you know yourself what you can accomplish.

23:34 25 Feb , 2024