Jun 12 ~ 18


It seems that your love life is doing much better than the rest of your life. It’s likely that you have more positive attitude waiting for you at home than at work where you can expect some conflicts ahead, but it’s only normal that these two are not in sync. Be patient as you will get your reward and you see yourself coming up on top of your game in a few short days.


Thinking about hopes and dreams of others around you would open you a completely new angle into your own life. Maybe you have come to think that given the time you have learned to know ahead what those close to you actually want. But ask them and you may be in for a surprise. Their needs and hopes may have changed with time as everyone else’s do.


An offhand comment by someone is about to change your opinions profoundly. The decision you have postponed suddenly gets a new important meaning. Keep an eye on younger folks around you, especially in matters concerning money. They could need your help and advice. Your determination and actions this weekend are going to impress your partner.


You can expect to get the best results in certain tasks when you act alone. However, if it looks like that would cause relationships to sour, maybe you should consider letting those people to join. But you have to be diplomatic, if you don’t want to follow the unsolicited advice of a certain person. Bad feelings could prove to be surprisingly expensive.


Have you noticed that your attitude has changed to more pessimistic direction lately? If you have also noticed that the level of your energy has gone down, you have to figure out something uplifting to do. Maybe you are missing something from the past. There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia as long as you don’t forget to keep another eye on your future.


You can expect your good mood to continue well beyond the weekend, and you have a very positive attitude towards your friend and colleagues. But be tightfisted with your money until you know more about the proposed venture. Do not forget your sense of humor, especially if over the weekend some things start feeling more as work than fun.


Showing that your trust others can have a strong impact on their attitude towards you. When you show them that you have it together, you can inspire trust and respect in people around you. If the plan does not proceed the way you wanted and planned, you should be ready to change the way you approach the project. The main thing is not to give up too easy.


Do you feel a little uneasy with your money? Could this be the reason romance does not work properly in your relationship? Be honest as at the end that is for your own good. There’s someone who needs your experience for help, and that could affect your own plans quite profoundly. At the end, you will see that everything is going to take care itself.


You know what you want but getting the message trough to others could prove to be a task in itself. Sometimes deeds talk louder than words. There could also be all kinds of issues affecting your love life, and you could be pushed to certain arrangements without you even noticing it. It would be better to pay more attention in order to get a handle before it’s too late.


Are your plans facing opposition? If you show your feelings more openly, others would find it easier to see your point of view. If they are looking for your best interest, they are sure to support you. You don’t have to change the whole plan, just changing the timing should do the trick. Besides, you can always change your presentation without changing the essence.


You can expect your social network to expand, much thanks to a move you made last year. At that time you were not so sure of the situation, but now that proves to be an empty worry. You should seek for the company of people who can help you to widen your horizons. A small power play seems to be on the way at your work, and you can solve the situation with humor.


The success you have had lately is giving you an inspiration to take on new projects, but you should not take too much on your plate. Discussion with those close to you could make you relax more, and help you to see the funnier side of your life. Others do not expect from you as much as you imagine. Make sure you take time to just be yourself, and cast your role face aside.

09:01 05 Mar , 2024