Jun 26 ~ Jul 2


This would be an excellent time to get rid of everything that is useless in your household. You should also spend a lot of time with your best friends. Some people seem to be bent on spoiling your good mood with their nitpicky remarks. Maybe those people also should be among the things that you should discard from your life. The very least they are not worth attention.


A rather complicated situation is waiting for you, and the best way to get through is to take care of one problem at a time. Trying to resolve the whole mess in one clean sweep would only lead to a checkmate and even bigger mess. During trying times it often becomes all too easy to show bad temper and keep your real thoughts and feelings hidden. Try to avoid both of those.


Your activity and intentions need a little scrutiny. Good intentions often stay good intentions without any real action. Do not let people who say they have your best interests in their mind to lead you away from your planned path. You know best yourself what your goals are, and this is not the right time to start wandering around chasing pipedreams. In other words, stay focused.


Your intuition is especially strong this weekend, and you should put your natural charms to use in order to cajole others around you into your line of thinking. One member of your family is a little lost at the moment. Spending a little time together doing just normal daily routines could be just what this person needs. Hold hands when necessary and listen carefully.


You have a habit to be a little too serious sometimes. Do you realize that you are much more pleasant company when you relax a bit? Some matters of heart could give you a pause. Have you paid enough attention to the needs of your lover lately? Maybe you should think something special to give your partner a pleasant surprise. Take your time to think what that could be.


You can expect someone who a long time ago was really close to contact you. This does not necessarily please you in any way, but maybe some kind of response would be in order. You should be aware that both planet Venus and Saturn are affecting the way you react just now, and could cause something unusual to happen. Do not play with other people’s feelings.


Are you considering beginning a new hobby or activity in the near future? If you keep an open mind you can learn plenty of new things. At this moment, the most important aspect in your life is to be clear what your goals are. Most of all you need patience, and a good plan. Remember that Rome was not built in one day, and you can’t expect yours to pop up in no time either.


Someone is trying to disturb your life in some way this weekend. Do no go along with that game at all, but use your head to your advantage. Maybe you should not pay any attention to this. Just remember not to allow others to corner you. Stay firm and concentrate on practical matters. Let games be for children to play. You simply don’t have time for nonsense any more.


You love your peace, and you don’t want to give trouble or bother others in any way. Try to spend more time with your family. Many people are easily irritated if they feel that they are not paid enough attention to. You are about to change your opinion about someone as you begin to see the more romantic and softer side of this person. This could even lead to a romance.


Are you pondering whether you can trust a certain person? Sometimes we all just have to take the risk. Think what you could win. Maybe you would later regret if you didn’t even try. The decision you make is important for your own near future, but still, take your time to think it through. And on the other hand, your life could be quite satisfying as is. It’s your choice.


As you try to control what others are doing, you could lose your own chances without even noticing. Have you had to give up something lately because you were worried about someone? You should try to put yourself in the first place just for change. Your time is valuable, and that is something some people don’t seem to be able to understand at all. Make sure you do yourself.


Someone is making an outrageous request that could lead you to a completely unexpected direction in your life. And, you could come to ask a serious question that you are not sure you want to hear an answer to. Luckily you are mentally strong enough to survive. And, of course, there’s a possibility that the answer is just what you wanted to hear all along.

11:05 04 Mar , 2024