Increasing orvasca larva causing skin rash

The orvasca taiwana larva, which contains mild toxin in its body hair, has been observed increasing in Sintoshin Park in Omoromachi, Naha City.

As a safety precaution, Naha City officials have forbidden the usage of play equipment in the park. According to the city park administration division, park users and helpers who clean the park notices an increase of these insects. After the division staff thoroughly inspected the park, the use of play equipment installed in the park has been temporarily prohibited.

The orvasca taiwana is about two centimeter long, with an orange line and lumps on its back. If touched, or even if one of its hairs blown into the air come to contact to the skin, it will cause a rash and eruption. According to the Okinawa Institute of Health and Environment, the outbreak season of the orvasca taiwana will continue through June. They are advising people to be extra careful when being around trees or plants.

  • Riquez

    My arm erupted into a rash a few days ago, I wonder what the hell it was. I’ve been to to that park for lunch each day!

03:54 15 Jun , 2024