KINBI looks to future of printing and publishing

Kindai Biyutsu Co. headquarters in Haebaru Town.

Kindai Bijyutsu Co. (KINBI), is a printing, publishing and advertising company located in Kanegusuku, Haebaru Town. One of the largest printing companies on Okinawa, it’s also the company that prints Japan Update among hundreds of other products that it’s presses churn out daily.

Kindai Bijyutsu President Emi Oshiro looks confidently to the future.

But as more and more of publishing turns into digital format and away from paper, KINBI firmly intends to stay on the top. As KINBI President Emi Oshiro puts it, “In recent years, we have put a big priority on the creation, browsing and sales of electronic books, and in 2010 we launched website “Okinawa e-books”. The main purpose of this website is to provide information on Okinawan publications, and newspaper information to mainland Japan, and even all around the world in order to contribute to Okinawa’s development.”

For the website, paper publications which at times may be difficult to sell or browse, KINBI converts to an electronic form, and uploads them on the website for available to people all around the world. Japan Update can also be read from that site.

Regarding more conventional publishing, KINBI’s best-known publication is the “OKINAWA100” series. “This consists of books featuring 100 cafes, 100 ramen noodle joints, and other such establishments on Okinawa, all in groups of 100. These books are sold in all bookstores on Okinawa and also in FamilyMart convenience stores,” Oshiro says, and explains “The concept of the book is to “Go out and about” and provide information of 100 spots of just a single theme. It is a pocket-sized book which makes it convenient to carry on.”

For the book, KINBI’s local editorial department conducts a unique research to find the spots and carefully select, interview and edit each one before publishing. All information provided in the book are done free of charge, resulting information which is very reliable. “That is our most important motto,” Oshiro states.

Okinawa e-books are at The site can be seen from any computer connected to the internet, Android and iPhones and iPad.

10:54 05 Mar , 2024