Lightning strike injures three construction workers

A lightning struck the ground near three workers at a construction site at a Catholic elementary school in Maehara, Ginowan City, Wednesday afternoon.

Other workers at the site called the emergency number reporting that someone was hurt, and Ginowan City Fire Department dispatched an ambulance and rescue crew to the site.

According to the Fire Department, three male workers between 20~40 years of age temporary lost conscious because of the lightning strike, and afterwards complained numbness in their hands and feet. They were taken to a hospital in the central Okinawa, but none of the injuries are life threatening and they were released on the same day.

Fire department stated that lightning might have struck a spot near the construction site. The person in charge who was in the office at the time witnessed a shiny light and a booming sound. When he called for workers to stop working, one man was already unconscious. The lightning apparently had struck a spot just 10 meters from the construction crew.

12:13 28 Feb , 2024