Man arrested for stealing woman’s purse

Naha City Police arrested 55-year-old unemployed Hiromitsu Oshiro, May 31, on suspicion of stealing the purse of a 69-year-old woman, which contained about ¥60,000 in cash, a day earlier.

When questioned, Oshiro immediately admitted to the theft stating, “I took the money from the bag.”

Acording to Naha Police the theft occurred about 11:50 a.m. on May 30th in the Nishi dirctrict of Naha. Oshiro had approached the woman from behind riding on a bicycle and grabbed her bag.

Purse snatchings have become somewhat an epidemic in Naha this year, as the count of purse snatchings in Naha City has gone up to 16 incidents so far. Naha Police are investigating if there could be any connection between the previous incidents and this one. In all of those cases a robber on a scooter approached the victims from behind, snatched the purse and sped away. No one has been arrested.

10:59 05 Mar , 2024