Man stabs ex girlfriend

Ishikawa City Police arrested 52-year-old unemployed Masato Heshiki in suspicion of attempted murder. He is accused of stabbing his former girlfriend in the stomach and other places with a knife.

According to Ishikawa Police, the suspect is denying the charges claiming, “It was not my intention to kill her.”

According to the Uruma City Police, the victim was stabbed and suffered cuts in more than 10 places on her body including her stomach, left hand and both legs. Luckily, none of the wounds was life threatening.

The attack occurred late in the afternoon on Jun. 3rd, on an open space in Ishikawa, Uruma City. The victim had parked her car on the spot, and Heshiki attacked her while she was in her car. Heshiki was arrested immediately after the attack.

02:15 27 Feb , 2024