Okinawa in treat for Major League Baseball

The Major League Baseball Japan All-Star Series is a series of games between All-Star teams from North America’s MLB and Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball that is scheduled to take place in Japan in November.

First, press reports in Tokyo on Jun. 7 said that, according sources familiar with plans for the series, there is a high possibility one of the games would be played on Okinawa.

Then, on Tuesday, an announcement was made that one of the exhibition games would take place in Okinawa on Nov. 20 at the Okinawa Cellular Stadium. The game is going to be a night game, but the exact time has not been decided yet. Other details are also still pending.

Among other locations for the series are the Koshien Baseball Stadium in Kobe and, Tokyo Dome.

This is the first time Okinawan baseball fans would be treated to a game played with MLB professionals.

22:01 27 Feb , 2024