Owner arrested for not vaccinating his pet, failing to report attack

Naha City Police arrested a 70-year-old, unemployed Naha City resident, Mitsuo Kawaguchi, on May 29th, on suspicion of not vaccinating his dog against rabies, and not reporting his dog had bitten someone.

Kawaguchi is denying the charges and insists, “I have given my dog the required shots, and my dog has not bitten anyone, so there was nothing to report.”

Police say Kawaguchi had not given his dog the proper shots during a period from Apr. 1st, 2011 through Jun. 30th, 2014. On Apr. 1st this year, while walking his dog on Kokusai Street in Naha City, the dog allegedly bit an 8-year-old child whose family was visiting Okinawa, on the left ankle, and Kawaguchi did not report the incident.

09:57 04 Mar , 2024