Plaza House celebrates 60th anniversary

Plaza House Shopping Center that has offered brand-name imported accessories and apparel since Jul. 4th, 1954, is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.

The shopping center was also the first United States-type shopping mall on Okinawa and in all Japan. To celebrate its 60th anniversary and to show gratitude to their customers, the Plaza House has been holding special sale campaigns since April.

The next big promotion is their “Bingo Festa,” which begins after Jul. 4th. During the promotion customers are able to win luxury items. The prizes will be awarded in a bingo game on Aug. 30th and 31st, and for every ¥1,000 spent at Plaza House after Jul. 4th, the customer will receive one coupon. 10 coupons can then be exchanged for a bingo card.

22:50 27 Feb , 2024