Rainy season ends

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory announced the end of the rainy season in Okinawa on Thursday at 2 p.m.

On the average, the rainy season ends around Jun. 23rd, but this year it ended three days later. Last year, the end of rainy season was pronounced on Jun. 11th.

The rainy season this year started May 5th, and it lasted a total of 52 days. The rainfall was heavy, too, as the precipitation in Nago was recorded at 798.5 millimeters that is almost twice the average. In Naha the rainfall was a little over one and a half times the normal at 716 millimeters. Miyako Island recorded 154% of the average at 546 mm, Kume Island 143% at 699 mm, and Ishigaki Island 120% at 458.5 mm. The precipitation exceeded the average in most locations in the prefecture except on Iriomote and Yonaguni.

The temperature in July is predicted to be higher than most years, and the observatory is warning people to take measures against heatstroke, especially today.

18:49 16 Apr , 2024