Tomigusuku city hall to incorporate veggie factory

Tomigusuku City is establishing a small-size vegetable plant in the city hall lobby. The city aims to grow lettuce, tomatoes and brown rice using hydroponics in the plant.

The construction of the plant has started at the end of May and is scheduled to be complete by the end of June. City Mayor Haruki Gibo says, “I hope residents who have interest in agriculture would visit to see this new technology.”

The Osaka Prefecture University vegetable factory research center designed the new technology to be used on the plant. The mechanism consists of a closed container, in which a computer constantly controls the humidity and temperature and feeds the vegetables water and nutrients. The plants will grow under artificial LED lighting.

The mayor adds, “By using this technology, agriculture can be done indoors utilizing vacant stores and warehouses. I hope this provides useful information to the younger generation.”

12:53 28 Feb , 2024