And this week’s winner is…

The lucky winner of the Japan Update raffle this week was Sile Nic Chormaic. She won a pool voucher to the new Spa & Resort Hotel Monterey in Onna. Sile is originally from Leixlip in Ireland, which she very proudly calls the home of Guinness beer.

She has lived on Okinawa about 21 moths now, and swears that she will never leave. She is especially fond of Okinawa’s weather that she says is perfect for her. Even this year’s extra long rainy season did not bother her as she is used to rainy weather in her home country that has notoriously many rainy days in any given year.

While the rainy season is no officially finished, she can enjoy her favorite food “Udon” noodles and go discover new and exciting beaches on the island. She also likes to visit as many local events as possible, but in the future, she is planning to expand her horizons by traveling somewhere off-island. Especially Beppu with its famed hot springs interests her. In the future, she would also like to explore Okinawa’s smaller islands, and destinations in mainland Japan and beyond.

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01:31 21 May , 2024