Floating bridge built off Camp Schwab as opponents try to interfere

Okinawa Defense Bureau workers installed a floating bridge and a buoy off the shore of Camp Schwab, Monday, to prepare for the survey of the seabed prior to the start of the landfill for the offshore runways planned for the new heliport in Henoko.

This marks the beginning of work offshore that is expected to get on the way today. The work on the floating bridge started about 7 a.m. It consists of floating blocks linked to each other, and is about 50 meters long.

About an hour after the work started, a boat carrying activists opposing the construction of the new facility tried to enter the area, and interfere with the work, but a Japanese Coast Guard patrol boat stationed in the area prevented the boat from entering.

A couple of hours later, around 10 a.m., two men tried to get close to the area on a canoe but they, too, were restrained by Japan Coast Guard before they could reach the work area.

20:29 14 Jul , 2024