Jul 3 ~ 9


Your sweetheart would love to be with you this weekend, and you can expect your romance to give you strength and happiness. Your work is routine, but you might feel inspired to make some changes. You have good and successful ideas that would be to everyone’s advantage. Someone is going to come and surprise you with nice gift. Happiness is your friend this week.


This weekend someone is organizing a party and you should go and enjoy all the romance that’s waiting for you. Love seems to be sweet, indeed, this week. At work you’re going through a little listless week. Watch out for infection and pay attention to your health. Many say you are a bit stingy with giving gifts to others, but it’s up to you to decide, no one else.


Do not feel disappointed in love even though the weekend is likely boring as far a romance is concerned. You are who you are but you should treat yourself to a gift that would give you strength and confidence. If you want to change something in your work now, it could be very positive. You also don’t seem to have a problem coping with most things and are creative.


Now, in your romantic dreams you like have imagined going off to a faraway paradise, but the stars show that right now is your chance to fulfill your dreams. This is also a very successful time at your workplace. You may feel tired but rest over the weekend. It could be difficult to get the money to pay the bills just now, but soon you can get a chance for some extra income.


This weekend seems to be calm and comfortable, and you will probably be happy with it. Take advantage of your well-earned rest and relax. You should also take a break from all those games with your lover. Maybe you should work on your home. Children and mortgage may cost more now, but both must be taken care of. Games give you no gain, so don’t be too generous.


Someone may want you to go out for a party this weekend. You can expect to get both hugs and sweet love. The days ahead at your work are not the most pleasant, but the pain certainly turns out to be to your advantage. If you end up in a restaurant this weekend, it probably can be costly. However, you’ll have fun and you could find yourself a new romance, so not that bad.


Sure, it’s great what you do and you are so sweet caring of your friends. Love makes you feel nice and comfortable. The week will give you harmony, and a slight change at work is for the better in the long run. Be careful with your health. Take it easy this week and listen carefully to others, but do not buy more than you necessarily need. Be really stingy with any games of luck.


You can expect people lovingly wish you luck but not because you are going away, but rather for you to start something new. Love seems to be at comfortable level. You seem to be strong and healthy with a big appetite for everything new in your environment. Now it might be that you could get an extra buck or two by selling something that you no longer need.


Your changes for a romance seem to be good, but be at least a little careful what you say, and show your loved one a little more appreciation. It’s probably best not to change too much at work. What has been the usual routine seems the safest and best bet for you. You could expect to do a little better with your money. Maybe you could even have luck with slots this weekend.


A romantic encounter at your work may now be possible. It may be somewhat surprising, but it seems sweet and positive for your future. There could be changes in your work that you don’t agree with. Maybe something for you to take over, but no matter what, it turns out to be fine at the end. This weekend is not a good time to engage in gambling of any kind.


Many people around you talk that the romance will come into your life now. But in spite of this, it’s not likely that a lasting love comes for you this time. But it’s sweet to enjoy anyway. People want your opinion in a labor dispute, and but it may be wise to avoid getting involved. Some kind of writing job this week could earn you extra money. But in games you do not get any extra.


You can probably expect to be invited to a party or grand opening of some kind. It would be good for you to go and make new contacts for the future. People are attracted to you, and that could become the inspiration that you are missing now. Your work does not seem particularly interesting to you just now. Children could cost some extra, but that’s probably money well spent.

13:28 13 Jun , 2024