Okinawa’s population still on increase

According to Okinawa Prefecture Statistics Division the total population of the prefecture stood at 1,419,395 as of Jun. 1st, 2014, an increase of 5,672 from the same date a year ago.

The population has increased by 26,577 from the 2010 national census.

By region, the northern part of Okinawa (Hokubu), including Nago City, had a population of 128,395, the central part (Chubu) that includes the big cities of Urasoe, Ginowan and Okinawa City but excluding Naha, had 609,315 people living in the area, and the southern part (Nanbu) of the island had 256,262 residents.

Of the outer islands, Miyako Island has a population of 52,705, and Yaeyama Island group 52,372.

Naha City has currently 320,346 residents.

19:17 14 Jul , 2024