Terrace Hotels to build its fifth luxury hotel to Uza

Yukinobu Kokuba, the president of Terrace Hotels Co., an Okinawa based chain of luxury hotels and resorts, announced, Jul. 24, a plan to construct the company’s fifth hotel on Okinawa to the Uza district in Yomitan Village. The hotels of the chain include the Busena Terrace in Nago, The Naha Terrace in Naha, The Atta Terrace in Onna and The Terrace Club in Nago.

A ceremony laying the cornerstone of the hotel was held on the same day, and the new hotel is scheduled to open for business in the summer 2015. The hotel that will be called Uza Terrace, will have 48 guest rooms, all of which will be equipped with a private pool and have floor space of 88 square meters or more.

Other amenities include a separate front tower building, restaurants, fitness center and esthetic spa. The company describes their new hotel “a beachside resort in harmony with nature.” The aim is to create a beach-side resort that values customers’ privacy utilizing the natural landscape.

21:53 25 Jul , 2024