Three people die in weekend water accidents

Three people died in waters off Okinawa’s beaches, Sunday, in three separate accidents at three locations.

An 85-year-old man drowned at Naminoue Beach in Naha, Sunday afternoon.

According to Naha City Police, Kazuo Sunagawa, a resident of Naha City, had gone swimming but suddenly went under. A lifeguard on duty on the beach was able to pull him out of water but he was in a cardiopulmonary arrest and was taken to a hospital where he died later on the same day.

Naha police are investigating the accident.

On the same day, 50-year-old Tsuyoshi Takemoto from Naha city snorkeling at Chibishi area in Tokashiki, drowned, and was taken to a hospital in a cardiopulmonary arrest. He was pronounced dead around 4 p.m.

Naha Coast Guard is investigating the accident.

The third accident happened at the West Port area on the North Daito Island, also on Sunday.

A male tourist in his 30’s scuba diving and wearing a diving suit disappeared off the port area. Nakagusuku Coast Guard and local divers and fishermen joined in searching for the man, and found a man’ss body stuck between some rocks about 26 meters deep 200 m off shore from the port.

Nakagusuku Coast Guard are investigating and trying to confirm identity of the body although they are quite sure that he is the tourist who went missing.

22:35 22 Jul , 2024