‘Corporate Games’ scheduled on Okinawa for next March

Maureen Johnston, the founder of Corporate Games, visited Okinawa onboard luxury liner ‘The World’, and held a party for authorized guests, on Aug. 11th.

The Corporate Games is expected to take place in Okinawa next March for the first time. “Okinawa passionately approached us to hold the event in Okinawa, which convinced us to decide to have the games here,” Dr. Johnston said.

Before the decision, organizers of the games evaluated available athletic facilities and hotel space. ‘Corporate Games offers everyone of every age and ability a chance to play sports. The event interactively energizes business networking.’ she stressed.

In Okinawa, 15 sports, which is like tennis and soccer, are planned to be held during four days starting Mar. 5th. Okinawa Tourist Service (OTS) serves as the local coordinator for the event. To enter or make inquiries, call 098 864 2580
FAX : 098 864 2581 or email pr-info@corporategames.jp

13:35 29 May , 2024