Creative Wabori tattoos are Chatan shop specialty

The customer lounge at the shop features comfortable sofas and a collection of pictures of various-style tattoos, although customer requests are also most welcome.

A new tattoo emporium is open in Chatan Town, and artisans Jin and Daisuke are offering an extensive variety of designs.

Dope Tattoo is celebrating its grand opening through the end of September, offering specials that include cigarette package size tattoos from $40, ¥500 coin size designs from $20, and special postcard size tattoos from $80.  Tattoo artists Daisuke and Jin together have more than 10 years of experience in creating skin art, and they promise “to accommodate any custom tattoo request”.  The two are specialists in creating Japanese Wabori art, but pride themselves on being able to create American designs, too.

The owners of Dope Tattoo are big on first-class sanitary conditions, and have a sterilization room equipped with both an autoclave and an ultrasonic sterilizer to ensure patrons have the safest possible experience.

Dope Tattoo is located only a stone’s throw from the Sunabe Seawall, three blocks from Highway 58 and a traffic light south of Kadena Air Base Gate 1.  Dope Tattoo is open daily noon ~ 10 p.m., and walk-in customers are welcome.  Of course, reservations can be made at (098) 936-3501.  An English-speaking staff is available.

22:31 20 Jul , 2024