Damage estimate from Halong nearly ¥250 million

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Okinawa Prefecture Government published a summary, Aug. 11, on damages to agricultural crops and facilities in the prefecture caused by typhoon Halong, the 11th typhoon this  season.

The department put the total financial damage to ¥247 million. The typhoon that passed the region last week barely touched the main islands of the prefecture, and most damage was to sugarcane fields on North and South Daito Islands. The crop damage on the South Daito Island was estimated at ¥76.27 million while the North Daito Island sustained ¥70.73 million in damages.

According to Okinawa Prefecture officials, this is the worst damage on the two Daito islands since 2012.

10:57 05 Mar , 2024