Aug 7 ~ 13


Thanks to the position of planet Jupiter, you have plenty of energy, so this would be a good time to engage in some physical activity. That would also make you a good example to others, a reason in itself to be proud of and enjoy. Show your appreciation to your lover with small gifts and huge hugs. That would result in stronger relationship. The more you love the more you are loved by others.


Staying close to nature brings you closer to happiness. Show your feelings openly to those around you. If something special has attracted your interest, but you are now on a vacation, you should by all means return to the matter. The main thing is to open your mind even to things that are unfamiliar or even seem problematic. Finding a solution to a problem could open up a door to future.


This is a time you should live by each moment. Of course, many things take time to become clear, but you have to go on living even in the meantime. You have to work hard for your future, but, at the same time, you should keep your eye on present. Most of all, be yourself, and you will find that it’s exactly the reason people love and appreciate you. Making others happy could be your role now.


Do not hesitate to adopt a new stance in your life, and don’t try to resist change. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Forget the past and trust in your future. Your peace of mind would tell you that you are on the right path. Your home feels better than your work. But that’s only natural this time of the year. You have caught someone’s interest, but it’s up to you how this is going to develop.


You should concentrate on your spiritual wellbeing. Balance and happiness make helping others possible. You should pay attention to your diet and especially to physical activity. Whether you prefer swimming or wild dance in a club does not matter. New love could come from any direction, but you have to be alert to notice it. An interesting offer lies ahead, but you should thing carefully before you accept.


Be brave, and your life is going to become more exciting. Although you feel sometimes that intimate love demands too much from you, the fact is that the more you understand your own needs and desires the less you need help from others. Your life and love could be very simple if you only are honest with yourself. Someone wants to challenge you but you should pass and concentrate on your own business.


A secret that has troubled you for some time is finally coming to open, but that causes new questions to arise. Why did it take this long, and did someone try to mislead you? Someone you re-connected after a long period of time might disappear again. So you should spend time with this person. Many small things are changing in your life, but you should make sure the changes are in the right direction.


You should not take any unnecessary stress because of your job. When someone has a problem, offer your help. That would also help you to meet some new and interesting people. One of those new acquaintances could become very special to you. You should spend time with your people and listen to their opinions. That could help your imagination to soar to new heights.


A desire to change your life is leading you to look for something to improve your wellbeing. Alternative lifestyles, physical activity, new diet – all those appeal to you. And if you could make this world a more beautiful place to live, you would at least try. All this activity is going to take its toll, though, so be prepared to need more sleep. You can also expect many positive surprises during days ahead.


You should allow a little more fun into your life, especially over the weekend. Sometimes you really work too hard. If you are planning a trip for a vacation, try to think something completely new and different. Use your imagination, and try to find someone to share the experience. In that way you could learn something new about yourself, too. Someone could be very envious of you this weekend.


This weekend your head could fill with thoughts like, is his a place where I want to be? Or am I with the right people? And even if your answer is yes, you could feel anxious. Maybe it signals that you should re-evaluate your life. On the other hand, if you are happy, think whether it’s worthwhile to change anything. The main point is to take a close look at yourself and the way you are currently living.


Working closely with others brings both happiness and money, although those two don’t necessarily depend on each other. Sometimes you could feel that your life is like a circus, and then its time to stop and find some kind of an oasis to relax. You can be happy about a decision you recently made, and although it was at the last moment, as long as you stand fast, everything is going to get better.

02:02 28 Feb , 2024