Aug 14 ~ 20


This time you should pay special attention to your money and relationships. Sometime you just have to do what you have to do, and you can stay one step ahead if you can digest as much information as possible about finances and budgeting. You can expect to have an exciting encounter over the weekend, but do not let it disturb your concentration and forget other important matters at hand.


Now is the time to take back everything that’s rightfully yours. That could mean approaching your boss for a pay raise, or paying back an old debt, or even getting back your self-confidence. If something in your past bothers you, it’s the time to get it over with. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. Be ready to open up, deeply if necessary, but make sure you trust the person before you open your mouth.


You can expect your love life to soar beyond you wildest imagination. Sparks are really going to fly, and that is going to remind you of something important. No matter how much you love your routines, trying something new could be the trick. That could have something to do with your diet, or future plans regarding an upcoming vacation. This weekend you should let your wild side to come to the front.


Life at your house seems to go on smooth, and conversations are easy and pleasant. This weekend could be a nice time for a barbecue with friends and relatives. And as you are happy, so are those around you. Trust on your first impression when you meet new people. It’s only natural that you are a little skeptical considering an incident in your recent past. Expect to hear news that really affect you deeply.


Strong emotions are becoming even stronger as the weekend proceeds. Your livid imagination makes your love life fun. Spending time with family is important, and even more important is to listen what everyone has to say. You can expect some memorable moments over the weekend, so be sure you have you camera ready preserve them. Although you spend quite a lot time by yourself, it’s not a bad thing.


Random happenings can be transformed into opportunities if you use your imagination. This weekend is full of surprises and interesting discussions that you could easily turn into your advantage in the future. For some reason money is on the forefront in your and your family’s minds. Look for bargains, and plan for a budget for the fall. Although something worries you, it could well be without merit.


This weekend could bring you some unexpected news. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Someone could change his or her mind, or suddenly move away from your circle of friends. Although there’s not much you can do about it, you should be prepared. Some hidden messages are coming into focus that could lead you to the right path. You may wonder someone’s behavior towards you, as that’s not fair.


It’s the time to take stock of your household. Should you have a yard sale or take stuff to the flea market, clean up your closets? Who knows what kind of treasures you could discover. Maybe you are considering moving your house to somewhere else. However, money is important, and this is not the right time for complicated discussions. Your anxiety regarding anything new is a little surprising, and not typical of you.


The rest of August promises to be socially busy, and this weekend and days after are a good start. If you want to meet people like you, you have to get out of the house. That would also benefit for your creativity. Are you ready for the challenge? You should trust your abilities more. Take a close look at what you have been able to accomplish before. You are clearly after something new, but that comes into focus later.


You should find it easy to get others to believe in your ideas, but you have to make sure that you have every piece of necessary knowledge. You have to project a self-confident and trustworthy impression of yourself. Although everything seems to be going well, a little more effort would not hurt. There’s something that makes you rejoice, but you should think again whether you could have done things in some other way.


You should take only on challenges that are your size. Communication in business could be difficult just now, but if you can show your enthusiasm you can get your message through. You could get some unexpected news regarding your family over the weekend. Something that you have said or done is becoming clearer to you, and your heart tells you so. It’s not necessarily easy, but you like the results.


Someone is talking trash, and although you don’t like it that doesn’t matter in the long run. Your heart is talking to you now, and that’s what you should listen. You are after something new, but that would not become available before October. Until then you have to be on your toes, even though in general, everything else goes on autopilot. Try to keep to bare facts, as that’s most important just now.

03:41 15 Jun , 2024