Aug 21 ~ 27


Several things are happening at the same time that could lead you to the middle of a rather troublesome mess. This also concerns your finances, which need an overhaul. Be nice and patient towards those who are disturbed by all this. If you haven’t already done it, organize something special for the weekend to lift everybody’s spirits. Less turbulent times are just around the corner so don’t panic.


Although the summer is hot and humid, don’t slow down with your physical fitness program. Of course, you can slow down a little, but daily routines are important. Keep an eye on your future as you work for it just now. If you have problems with your personal relationships, a little more time is what is necessary. You could also consider starting a hobby that would take your mind away from the trouble of the moment.


You can expect a brilliant and memorable weekend. You are popular and open minded, and if you have a chance to travel, it would spark up your imagination like nothing before. Your love life is also finding a new spark. If you have a plan but need some help to get it started, this is the time to ask for it. Adding to your workload does not sound very attractive, but would reward you in the future.


There’s love in the air, but you are rather picky. Your lover should be smart and beautiful in order to get your attention, but are you setting your bar too high? The boost you got to your self-confidence recently still shines through strong. When you feel that it’s mandatory that you change your environment, a couple of brush strokes of new paint is hardly enough. A real chance requires time and money.


Your home is your port and heaven this weekend. Everyone who matters to you seems to be walking through your front door, but of course you have to contact them first. You feel wonderful and get great satisfaction when you can entertain and see your friends enjoy. And you are the happiest just in the middle of all of it. Planet Mercury is in a positive aspect to you and helps your important discussions go smoothly.


You can expect to hear some good news regarding your own or your partner’s money matters. Your family is important, so make sure you reserve enough time for their needs. The slow pace of your associates’ progress could cause some consternation, but you still should bet on success. You are going to get a chance to be both a friend and an adviser to someone your junior. This could prove to be for the better for both of you.


You should now pay special attention to your money. Maybe you should find a way to earn some extra cash. That would be worthwhile to research even if you can’t find results right away. The first idea is not always the best, so patience is necessary. Because of strong influence from planet Jupiter and Mars, you should have plenty of energy in reserve. Some news over the weekend could be quite serious.


Sometimes you feel like a rolling stone, and you want constantly to move on in your life and take it as it may come. This attitude serves you good, and makes your friends to feel that you are fu and spontaneous. Some people may try to make you slow down, but that’s easier said than done. You have many paths in front of you, and you should soon decide which one to take. That’s something to think about.


You have a tendency to get your best ideas during the quiet moments of life. Your dreams are vivid and show you the way that you want to follow. The question is, how to make your dreams come true? And the answer is, little by little. Some of your efforts could first feel like wasting your time, but they take you ahead nevertheless. You should seek the company of people whose thinking is on the same wavelength with you.


People around you are encouraging you to show your abilities and come to the front. Just now you should follow their advice, and take everything you can get at your work. It’s very likely that most of your ideas receive a positive reception and get implemented. And if you don’t have ideas of your own, then give a helping hand to a colleague to solve a problem. You are at your best resolving practical everyday problems.


This weekend it would be wonderful to do things with your friends. You want to share new experiences with your own loved ones, and at work, you will find it easy to cooperate and strengthen your bonds with your co-workers and members of your team. You can always expect some minor setbacks, but what matters is how you react to them. They should not distract you from your final goals in any way.


Both money and relationships are in the limelight this weekend. Both could have something to do with business or travel. There’s one person whose activity you can’t accept, but there’s not much you can do about it. Just be careful of backstabbing. Otherwise your most important relationships are getting even stronger, and you can be happy. You could become interested in some old activity you haven’s done for a while.

00:34 28 May , 2024