Kadena airman arrested on suspicion of DUI

A 20-year-old airman stationed on Kadena Air Base was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence, Sunday morning.

Ginowan Police arrested Shawn Tress after his car hit a mini car that had stopped at a traffic light in Ojana on Highway 58, around 6 a.m. No one in the mini car was injured in the collision.

A breathalyzer test showed that the airman had about three times the limit alcohol in his breath. However, when questioned he denied being under the influence, and insisted that although he had drunk alcohol the night before, “I slept it away and can’t be under the influence any more.”

  • WaychulDon

    This kid must have missed the mandatory training last week. So much for the rumors of relaxing the curfew.

  • Ernest Molina

    Have to say seems to go against the argument most do what they’re supposed to then as soon as any mention of possibly relaxing the curfew an airman gets arrested.

  • matt99

    Confine the foreign thugs to their bases or better send them back to their ghettos.

  • bobby

    again and again and yet again…as long as alcohol exists no matter who much advertising, training, scolding, punishment DUI will always remain an issue. The only way to solve the DUI’s is to have only service members who do not consume alcohol be stationed on Okinawa. If no alcohol then no DUI’s. No need for the alcohol if the service members stationed for duty don’t consume it in the first place. Of course it may seem impossible but its doable if the services and governments on both sides are really concerned with this. Can’t say the local bars will feel that way, but many of the local bars and restaurants don’t want American service members in their establishments to begin with.

04:52 17 Apr , 2024