Kumejima no Kumesen 22nd booze maker in nation

Research firm Teikoku Data Bank, Fukuoka Branch, published 2013 rankings of shochu and awamori makers in Japan by sales value, Tuesday.

The number one is Kirishima Distillery from Miyazaki prefecture, with its best-known tipple Kurokirishima brand shochu. The company was the best seller for the second consecutive year with total sales of ¥51,8 billion. The runner-up was Sanwa Shurui from Oita Prefecture that is known as the maker of Iichiko shochu that sold ¥50 billion worth in 2013. On the third place was Satsuma Shuzo from Kagoshima and their shochu known as the Satsuma Shiranami.

Of Okinawa’s awamori distillers, Kumejima no Kumesen ranked 22nd in Japan and was the top seller in Okinawa. Kumesen’s awamori sales totaled 2,6 billion yen in 2013. Higa Shuzo, known best for its Zanpa label ranked 29th with sales of ¥1,9 billion. Kikunotsuyu from Miyako Island ranked on the 33rd place and sold ¥1,6 billion and Zuisen ranked 48 with sales of ¥1,15 billion.

23 distillers from Kagoshima prefecture ranked among top 50.

09:28 30 May , 2024