Kunigami chamber sells discount gift certificates

The Kunigami Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started selling discount gift certificates called “Kuina Gift Certificate” from Aug. 8th.

The certificates, that have a face value of ¥11,500 are sold for ¥10,000. They come as a book of six ¥1,000 and eleven ¥500 coupons offering a 15% discount. The coupons are valid until Feb. 6, 2015. There’s no change given when using these coupons, so the chamber suggests people to use them smartly.

The coupons can be used at participating shops and restaurants in Kunigami Village. The purchase of the certificates is limited to ¥50,000 per person. A total of 1,340 sets will be sold.

This is the third time of this campaign for Kunigami Chamber of Commerce, and in the past two campaigns the coupons were sold out within three months. The certificates are available at the Kunigami Chamber of Commerce and Industry office and at Kunigami Road Station. Participating shops and restaurants have posters indicating they accept the coupons.

Kunigami Chamber Chairman Hideyasu Sakihara says “We hope a lot of people buy this certificate, as it would be boost the village and our businesses very much!”

01:57 28 May , 2024