Low cost wedding parties target couples who didn’t have one

Okinawa Resort Wedding Association announced the start of a plan to sell a resort weddings on the association website that are specifically targeted to married couples visiting with families who never had a wedding party for some reason.

The plan has been offered since Aug. 8 with the title “Okinawa Family Wedding.” The basic concept of the plan is to offer a reasonably priced, casual style wedding party with most of the trappings of more elaborate Japanese-style weeding parties sans many of the excesses that drive up the cost.

Major bridal companies on Okinawa, including Okinawa Watabe Wedding, Chiyoda Bridal House, Gig Bridal and Bridal House ChuChu Okinawa among others, are participating. The basic fee for the party is ¥79,920 including tax, for which the plan offers a toastmaster, an assistant, a wedding dress, decorations and sound service.

During the months of May and August, it is difficult for locals to make a wedding reservation in hotels and their chapels because many tourists visit Okinawa around that time having most hotels and resorts fully booked and forcing bridal companies to forego much of their usual business. In order to make up, the bridal companies are now taking an aim at these tourists.

The goal of Okinawa resort wedding association is to increase the number of resort wedding couples in Okinawa to 20,000 couples per year by 2020, and resort wedding related income to ¥43.6 billion.

22:27 27 Feb , 2024