Music Village museum to open in Ichibangai Mall

Okinawa City has a proud and long heritage of being the epicenter of Okinawan music scene, and to honor that heritage Okinawa City has established a museum to display and maintain artifacts pertaining to different genres of music from the city.

The Okinawa Music Museum named “Ongaku Mura,” or “Music Village” opens its doors Aug. 12 within Ichibangai shopping arcade in Okinawa City. The museum introduces past and present musicians from Okinawa City, records, pamphlets and movies, Its collection includes all in all over 3,000 items.

Okinawa city is famous not only for Okinawan folk music but also as the cradle of Okinawan rock and jazz. The museum aims to spread comprehensive information about Okinawa City music history and scene worldwide.

The city has contracted Campus Records to manage and maintain the museum that is established by a grant from the prefecture, and the project has been going on collecting items for the display since 2012. “Most of the items in our collection are discontinued, and many are very rare,” says Yoshikatsu Bise, the owner of Campus Records.

23:38 20 May , 2024