Nago mayor asks Onaga to run for governor

Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine and 15 members of his administration visited Southern Plaza Kaihou in Naha City to meet Takeshi Onaga, the current mayor of Naha City, in order to ask him to run in the next Okinawa gubernatorial election in November.

Onaga replied saying, “I am ready to accept your opinion. My way of thinking about the future of Okinawa is the same as yours, and I want to join the same circle. My decision regarding the election will be complete soon.”

He seems inclined to declare his candidacy early in September.

Inamine also stated him that the goal of an independent economy for Okinawa and improving tourism don’t match with Osprey deployment.

“Takeshi Onaga is the man who can save our children’s future, so keep this in mind. Please make your decision and keep leading Okinawa,” Inamine urged.

Onaga stated “Mr. Inamine won the Nago mayoral election because people of Nago don’t want to construct a new base in Henoko, and now we all in Okinawa must join together and keep it that way.”

01:09 31 May , 2024