Plan fixed to change Park Avenue into two-way street

Motorists and pedestrians in Okinawa City’s Chuo area will soon be facing changes to the traffic patterns on Park Avenue.

A one-way street since 1985, the Center shopping District Promotion Association of Okinawa City has approved a plan that will change the street to two-way traffic. The exact timing isn’t fixed, but the Association has been studying various plans and ideas, and investigated plans cooperating with private sector.

Specifically, they are planning to create a multipurpose open space in the area, coming from Route 330, a roadside station ’Michino Eki’.  There’s also a concept for changing Korinza into a library. The chairman of the Shopping district Promotion Association of Okinawa City, Kiyoshi Kuwae, says ‘Although it is difficult for cars to enter the arcade from Yamanaka street, with a two-way street it will it easier. We would like to make a city plan in consideration for ease of access.’  The Association is planning to get rid of side bays and make the street wider.”

Kuwae says the srip arcade will remain. A city official says “‘it is not sure when it will start, but we would like to start as soon as possible.”


09:47 18 Jul , 2024