Ryubo to go through major renovation this fall

Department store Ryubo in Kumoji, Naha, is scheduled to go through an extensive renovation project this fall.

On the first floor, two new cafés are scheduled to open, ’Gino’ serving high quality coffee and wine, and another café produced by a popular cook ‘Harumi Kurihara’. The basement level will also be shored up. ‘Kitano Ace’ that is currently located in Okinawa Mitsukoshi that is closing at the end of September and ‘4℃’ that specializes in bridal accessories are moving into Ryubo.

According to Ryubo Managing Director Manabu Ganaha, “Our motto is safety and trust. We especially aim to enhance our food selection. The economy is recovering, and we believe that customers would buy good quality things even if they cost a little more.”

10:20 30 May , 2024