Zanpa plans Unique end-of-summer beer festival

It’s different, to say the least, as the Izakaya Gosamaru in Yomitan hosts an end-of-summer beer fest on Sunday. Advance tickets for the beer festival are ¥1,800, or ¥2,000 at the izakaya door. Admission is free for kids, minus the alcoholic beverages, of course. Even the food menu’s something unique; look for goat soup, yakitori and steak, with prices ranging from ¥300~700 per item. There’s also beer, three kinds of awamori, three kinds of cocktails, and free soft drinks.

Organizers at Izakaya Gosamaru say the event is planned especially for people who’ve missed the summer festivals and events. The Sunday action at Ikoi-no-hiroba in Zanpa runs from 3 p.m. ~ 9 p.m. There will be live music, an Eisa show, and special activities including a goldfish scooping game and water balloon fishing game for kids.

Additional information and reservations can be made at (098) 957-0530, Yomitan Dining Gosamaru. The izakaya’s website is Google Map:

03:45 29 Feb , 2024