Fuji Dream Airlines to start to run charter service to Kume and Miyako Islands

Regional airline based in Shizuoka prefecture, Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), will start to run direct charter flights between Nagoya (Komaki), Matsumoto, Shizuoka and Kume  and Miyako islands in a trial basis from this December through next January.

These will be first-time test fights, after which FDA is going to determine its plan for flights between January and April.  The airline expects 1,200 customers.

The FDA is planning to use a 70~80-seat compact jet, which is easy to takeoff and land at a local airport. That has an advantage of ease organizing tours. Tour fees will be determined soon.

One of their cost plans is scheduled to be no more than \100,000 per person. FDA will take advantage of the remote islands development promotion expenses.  FDA will receive \5,000 per tour per person as subsidy.

10:18 30 May , 2024