Sep 4 ~ 10


Some things seem to be stopping you to get ahead with your life just now. Maybe something is confusing you? To figure this out, you should start from small daily details and trust yourself. Remember that the more you take responsibility, the more your self-confidence would grow. When you listen to others, listen carefully, and only after that do what you know is going to be right.


You should please you with something that would make you feel good. At this time, someone special could enter your life. It would not be an overwhelming passion but rather a long-term friendship. Do not blame yourself on causing a disappointment for others, even though you could have missed a success with something. Your focus should now be in your own wellbeing. Let others fend for themselves.


This is a weekend of friendships, not so much of passions and romance. Those who are blessed with a steady love life can expect to continue business as usual. Many people are now investing in their careers in the hopes of a better future. Sometimes it pays to look back in order to learn something from the past. You know yourself the right moment to move on. Trust your heart on this, no one else.


As far as your love life goes, there’s no reason to change anything that works well. Some people are constantly looking for a perfect relationship, and there’s nothing wrong to be friendly with people around you, but keep your feet to the ground. You will get a change to spend some quality time with younger people. Something at work you can’t be sure could make you nervous. Keep your options open.


Give plenty of time to relationships and decisions concerning your job. Some situations change daily, but there’s no reason to panic. Something your partner could remark this weekend could make you feel unsure of yourself, but maybe you are seeing too much to it. In any case, some emotional times could be at hand. Keep your head cool. The time will sure show the right path ahead.


This weekend you are in a happy and entertaining mood and that could disturb and irritate some people. You just should be yourself. There’s a strong possibility that your eye will catch someone who’s going to disturb your harmony somehow. Depending on the situation, you either want to put on your best behavior, or avoid any kind of a visual contact. In any case, it’s exciting times ahead.


Lazy days are usually followed by lazy relationships. You should enjoy them as they come, and do not mix reality with mirages. Your feelings are set free and you should think what could happen. Your money matters could give you a reason to celebrate a little. Maybe a common project with someone close to you is going to start paying some dividends at last. You know that you have tried hard enough.


Now you have plenty of good time to look around with new eyes. Try with your own wellbeing. Update your medical checks and join a jogging group. Even though you could feel lazy at times, you should take this seriously as this is for real. You should give more tender attention to your companion, as that would ensure that you get rewarded twice what you give. Enjoy your life to the fullest.


You should add so pizzazz to your relationships. Someone, who was not earlier too interested for what you had to offer, could suddenly show completely new interest. Find out what this person really wants. A little trouble could be very important. Something in your abilities that has been in you all the time is finally trying to come forward. You must think how to make the best use of it.


Your mind is crystal clear, and there’s certain spark in the air. You should forget your normal routines and concentrate on doing something completely new. It does not have to be anything big or expensive, but it should stimulate your imagination. Your wellbeing would increase significantly if you simply alter your diet a little. Nothing radical would be needed, just a little common sense.


There’s much new to find in your life, only your imagination sets the limits. Make sure that your hopes, dreams and goals are on the right path. A little rearranging would not be a bad idea. Grab the challenge that has been in front of you for grabs. Or could you think for a better time than just now? Try to remember important dates in the life of your friends and acquaintances, as it helps to keep your network intact.


Someone is going to make an innocent remark that will prompt you to think about your physical health. Check your health and diet. Could a little adjustment be in order. New perspectives could change your whole life and bring golden opportunities with them. Take charge of the situation, and think, whether it would be the time to make a temporary situation into a permanent one.


01:33 22 May , 2024