Sep. 11 ~ 17


There are some things that do not seem to go your way no matter what you try. and you can’t seem to shake a certain melancholy mood. You should do something physical as that could break the spell and get you moving again. Do not look for excitement to your life from people round you but instead, think what you could do to entertain them. You must allow those closest to you to have some fun.


Sometimes your feelings take over your life, and your closest friends could irritate you. At those times, you should keep your distance, and concentrate on doing something you truly love. You can find new friendships among people with whom you engage in sports. Those friendships could be temporary but would enhance your self-confidence. You are special in many ways, but you should learn more teamwork.


You are facing a period of love, light, contradictions and surprises. All kinds of travel, even short trips, could become eye openers for you with plenty of new possibilities. Friendships are important and will bring new surprises into your life. When you have this much going on, it’s easy to dismiss negative and troublesome people that cross your path, Unfortunately, there are plenty of those around always.


Many frustrations that you have experienced, especially at work, are about to disappear. You have been waiting that someone would let you continue at your own pace something you started. Now, finally, this person has his or her attention somewhere else. So it’s the time to start putting your plan into action. It would benefit you to spend even some of your free time with your colleagues to listen to their ideas.


This is a time to make some changes. And really, you have plenty of energy and are very active. Keep focused whether the change has to do with your daily routines, appearance, or matters at home or work. Creativity and imagination shake hands, and over the weekend you could find yourself in a completely new and exciting environment. You must make sure that you won’t miss the opportunity as it rises.


You seem to be moving into many directions at the same time. You would like to make changes in your life, but are things going too fast for you? Give yourself time to relax in the evenings, and keep your to-do list in order and timely. You are likely to hear a suggestion from one of your co-workers that seems to be rather silly first, but it could have its merit when you take into account your practical side.


There are some excellent possibilities ahead, and you can feel that yourself very well. You can’t be quite sure how and when it all is going to happen, but you don’t need to worry. Your life is now and here. If you remember that, it’s easy for you to avoid misunderstandings. Just now you should not pay too much attention to what is past or what is to come, as you have your plate full at this moment.


Do you feel that you should earn more praise and appreciation? Compliments? Prestige? You can’t expect any of those unless you start bringing yourself more to the limelight. You have to tell people what you have been up to. Bring your success story to the forefront, and listen to the applause very carefully. Remember that when you appreciate yourself and your work, others will do so, too.


You should decide to become the master of your own life. Stay firm with your decision, and don’t let anyone take that as granted – that would diminish your changes of success. You like peaceful life. But you have plenty ahead of you if you only are determined and set your own goals. This weekend is promising to be especially active socially, and that’s why you should adopt a positive and helpful attitude.


Although you love to take on responsibilities that is hard work sometimes. You end up running in all directions at the same time in order to get everything done. You should slow down and admit that you need help. Ask for it. There’s romance in the air, and someone would love to have a larger role in your life. The trick is to come out of your shell and let that happen. Once you do, you won’t regret.


There are so many possibilities ahead of you that it confuses you. Take time to compile a list of the most important things and begin with those. Ask for help with small details to give you a breather. At work it would pay to invest in projects that span out long term. Rewards for those would come later. Use your common sense as it’s now at its strongest. Big plans inspire you but to act on them takes work.


Keep your sights in the long term, and you would see many golden opportunities. It’s enlightening to see what’s going on elsewhere outside of your own comfort zone. Fresh ideas are now coming fast, and you should write them down as they appear. You have not been out about for a while. Do you blame it on your lack of companionship? This is not a bad time to start looking for someone special.


11:47 04 Mar , 2024